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  • Terrarium Builder: Giving Growth a Space
    I am terrible at keeping plants alive. Out of respect I’ve stopped buying indoor plants or spring flowers for the porch. It runs in the family. My mother killed even a pot of dandelions she’d stolen from the yard for our pet rabbit. I thought if I named them I’d be more likely to keep a schedule of watering, watching … Continue reading Terrarium Builder: Giving Growth a Space
  • Battle Ready Empathy: a guide to receiving criticism
    I play online co-op shooters. If you know me, this is weird. I’m generally a ‘bumble about solving easy puzzles and picking flowers in Skyrim’ person. If you don’t care for video games, I apologize and you can skip ahead to this little guy when he next appears: …so I can lead to the metaphor I’m stealthily building. Speaking of … Continue reading Battle Ready Empathy: a guide to receiving criticism
  • The Value of Falling and Falling A Lot
    I am an amazing faller. It’s not a resume point, and in this case a very dumb metaphor, but here’s why falling well is how you get better. I like to ride this bike I have. It has a bell and also a whole entire cup holder. It’s also too high off the ground for me. I don’t care what … Continue reading The Value of Falling and Falling A Lot
  • Portfolio
    Sculpted Figures I am currently working in clay mediums, often with glow in the dark elements and including housing or natural decoration (ie. wings or crystals). I’d like to include a small envelope with figures talking about fantastical backstories like a fictional nature field guide. This is inspired by old illustrated books from the 70s to the 90s adding depths … Continue reading Portfolio
  • About the Artist
    Hello! I’m an artist and writer living in the Southeast. I work with a lot of mediums so I can learn new things and push them together to create weirder things. Better things. I write stories, make comics, work in watercolor, clay, multimedia and digital art. Sometimes I put googly eyes on things. My themes are usually dark and broody … Continue reading About the Artist

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