About the Artist

Hello! I’m an artist and writer living in the Southeast. I work with a lot of mediums so I can learn new things and push them together to create weirder things. Better things. I write stories, make comics, work in watercolor, clay, multimedia and digital art. Sometimes I put googly eyes on things. My themes are usually dark and broody or light and whimsical. I do some fan art lately that puts characters in odd, mundane or dark universes.

I am currently working on creating a local magazine that shows my city in a fantastical positive light. I believe in people and the power of an uplifting community. I also like to play video games and I collect comics that lean a bit towards the art side like the Arkham series with Dave McKean. I like the heavy lidded intuition created figures of Yoshitaka Amano and the neon fisticuffs of Lora Zombie. I like the cat and mouse commentary of Banksy and love the color trail created by Laura Smyth creator of the Lore Olympus Comics. These are kind of the wood and fluff tinder that create what I’m made of. It’s an odd fire. Kinda crackly and the smoke changes direction. Hope it provides some warmth.

Most of my formative years I lived in the Northeast. I have a Fine Arts Degree and I now live here. I have two emotional corgis and an orange cat with weird hair. I am a nerd, I think. But not professionally. And I like to make things. But I also like to share them. And so now I am an art person.

When I was really little my mother would show me art she had made. And it was so unobtainable. Like this little watercolor frog. It was soft colors and still exactly like the little figure. Like tracing the feeling it gave you. But she didn’t do art anymore. She was busy working and raising my brother and I. We turned out ok. But it was trial by fire. So she would doodle a lot. In the margins of bills as she talked on the phone. Or in the phone book. Still, the fact she still made the time, even though she told herself she always had to be there for her job and family… it made me decide art must be worth it.

I drew mostly eyes at first. And those weird S things kids made. But then people and landscapes and creatures…all of it was talking about things I hadn’t seen. Like little doodles in a phone book. I’m pretty sure they just meant there is a lot you can’t say with words. And those things are who we are in between the lines we are taught. That’s why I am an art person. For me. And my mom. And to share with people who are afraid their will to draw in between the mundane isn’t art.

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2 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. All I can say is you are awesome my friend! I cannot wait to get updates on how this progresses for you . If it is OK with You I want to share this with a few friends… Many Hugs my hard-working Artist friend!


    1. Thank you! Yes, please share with friends anytime! I’m very excited to have this up and running. And really happy to have continued support and warm fuzzies from my friends and family. It is lucky 🙂


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