“Reef Grazer. Octoling”
Cosclay, textured, medium, fake eyelashes

“Helna, Moon Fairy Mimic”
Clay, Cicada Wings, Textured Medium, Glow Paint

Sculpted Figures

I am currently working in clay mediums, often with glow in the dark elements and including housing or natural decoration (ie. wings or crystals). I’d like to include a small envelope with figures talking about fantastical backstories like a fictional nature field guide. This is inspired by old illustrated books from the 70s to the 90s adding depths to worlds like those in Jim Henson films or kids cartoons like David the Gnome. It adds depth and play to a character to know where they live or what habits and motives they have.
“Escape” Watercolor, Gauche, Glow Paint
“Guardian” Watercolor, Gauche, Glow Paint


I enjoy watercolor more now that I have realized how forgiving it is. I love neon or dark somber fantasy landscapes. I was inspired by the color bomb chaos of Lora Zombie. I really enjoy symbolism, so many of my favorite artists use this in a way to create beautiful narratives.

Upbeat/Offbeat Magazine

Upbeat/Offbeat magazine has been under way for over a year now. It consists of illustrated fiction stories and collaborative heavily fiction stories written around creators locally to encourage curiosity and support as well as photography themed around our public spaces, small business and events. It is largely a solo project other than the open talk I do with the highlighted local creators for that story as they help me create a fictional work around their life, work and personality. A lot of the pieces will weave high fantasy and humor into existing local photos and people. This is why I label it an embellished chronicle.
“Hallowed Ground”
Cut Paper, Printed Transparency
Clay, Paper Mache, Glass, Miniature Landscaping, LED

“Memento Mori”
Cut Paper, Rice Paper, LED

Light Box Art

I continue to improve my light box creations. They use remotes and LEDs that react to sound or change color in a pattern. I use battery charger packs now to make them as convenient as possible so the owner, who can recharge them and avoid changing batteries. They feature layered paper or printed transparencies most commonly. I’m learning to use different automated systems to cut the intricate front frames more sustainably for shipping and sturdiness.

Light Whimsical Illustration

I often do fan art for people locally and in my general interests. Or I create fun and weird art or projects. I have a series of collector cards with funny made up alien species. I’ve done illustration and logos for comedians, a podcast show locally, a small non profit, writers and as gifts to newcomers.

Dark Art

A good bit of my earlier art was focused on symbolism and the black and white ideals of a societal decline. Division and cycle continued but I decided to move my sights away from pondering and patterns. Instead I wanted to work towards creating an environment with more possibilities and hope through my priority, actions and creations.

Weaving narratives and uplifting works in honor of our community helped highlight the positive and was a better expenditure of my time. There was a shift in many of our creators and organizers and this shift was both important and hard won. It continues to confirm action and consideration are the key in both macro to micro progress and sustainability. Stark contrast bookends a sea of variety, possibility and unknowns. I continue to value the full spectrum of our human experience but when in doubt I lean towards the light.
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